Awaken Your Hero Within

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A Personal Hero’s Journey!

So…What’s missing?

There’s something missing otherwise you wouldn’t have that felling.

What feeling?

You know…that feeling you’re afraid to tell anyone about for fear of being judged.   The feeling that keeps getting bigger and bigger and is distracting you so much you don’t know what to do.

You’re almost paralyzed…you know you need to do something, you just don’t know what.

It’s that “empty” feeling that something’s missing.

That feeling that you’re being drawn towards something, but you don’t know what it is.

Yes, you’re not alone…all of us at some time or another will experience this feeling.  The big question is what YOU going to do about it?

A feeling of emptiness is something many people experience at some time in our lives. This includes feeling a lack of meaning or purpose, a lack of sense of self, emotional numbness or despair, and similar experiences.

This can be a sign of profound emotional pain and challenges. Since every emotional challenge is also an opportunity for growth and transformation, a persistent feeling of emptiness is a good indication that something needs your attention.

Emptiness can be a very disturbing experience. It can also be an indication that we are ready to look past more superficial matters and begin to investigate our experiences, thoughts, and needs in a deeper way.

hero's journeyThe Hero’s Journey

It should be noted that emptiness is often cited as a part of spiritual or mystical experiences and paths. In Buddhism, the true nature of the self and of the universe is sometimes identified as “emptiness” or “nothingness.” The German existential philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche wrote that if we “stare into the abyss long enough, it stares back.”

Native Americans would turn to their own hero’s journey, the hanblecheyapi (crying for a vision) to help solve this emptiness problem.

Joseph Campbell said “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned as to the have the life that is waiting for us.”  This is the essence of the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is mythological adventure of transformation. The Hero’s Journey is the journey of life, about its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations and finally its victory.

In this mythological story of the Hero’s Journey this emptiness is represented by “The Call To Adventure.”

This empty feeling that oh so many us (both men and women) usually begins at the age of 35 to 40.

And the felling just doesn’t stop…it keeps building and building, and more often than not the men and women affected by the experience have no idea on deal with it so they look to the external world as if “it’s” causing this problem.

So the unaware man or women start to look for ways to get rid of or numb this feeling.  These actions include:

  • Excessive shopping
  • Excessive substances use, i.e. alcohol, drugs (including prescription)
  • Pornography
  • Gambling
  • Excessive exercise
  • Affairs
  • Divorce
  • And any other external person, place or thing to keep us from feeling what we’re feeling.

Then there’s the other ones…like you…who stop to ask the big questions.

  • Who am I?
  • What’s life all about?
  • What is the meaning to my life?
  • How can I live a life of purpose?
  • And other similar questions to engage our soul

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start at the beginning…the first stage of the Hero’s Journey…the Ordinary Life.

Self-improvement, personal development, self-growth, self-help, spiritual practice…all of these and a myriad of other names we use is about one thing…change.

At some level we are trying to change something about our Ordinary Life, this is the essences of the hero’s journey, a journey of change.

So what defines our Ordinary Life?

Before I get into that, let me ask you…what do the following all have in common?

  • Your car
  • Your home
  • Your office
  • Your life

They all have a set points, points at which the comfort level will go no lower or no higher than the set points.  You can think of this a comfort zone.  For example, your home will get no colder than 62 or no warmer than 75.

The control of the temperature is done automatically.

The difference between your life and your home, car or office is your “comfort zone” is unconsciously determined by you.

That’s right, you’ve created your own level of mental support and mental resistance… and you probably don’t know it.

Here…let me explain.

In your life (or any part of your life) you have two boundaries.  One is the mental support level.  This is the point where you will absolutely go no lower than.

Then there’s the mental resistance level this is a point where you become uncomfortable, and begin to unconsciously back away from.

MR-MSSo…what’s in between these two levels?

Complacent Zone

 Your complacent zone!

Maybe a better definition is your complacent zone, after all why would want to move out of it if it was so comfortable?

You can think of these two barriers like an invisible fence, you know, just like the ones to keep dogs in their yards.

If the dog gets too close to the invisible fence (it’s actually buried underground…kind like your beliefs being buried under your consciousness mind) the dog gets a warning.  Then if it continues it receives a shock, i.e. pain.

We work the same way. We think about crossing our invisible fence, but we anticipate pain, so we simply stay where we are, afraid to venture outside our prescribed area.  Sure we can see what’s out there, like abundance, health, happiness, fulfillment, but we’re afraid if the pain so we don’t even try.

For some of us we get close to the boundaries, but then we being to feel something and we back off before we get the “shock”.

So the question now is, what determines your invisible fence, the boundaries of your comfort zone?

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Unconscious programs
  • Emotions
  • Past experiences

What are some signs that you’re getting close to your mental resistance line?

  • Procrastinate
  • It doesn’t feel right
  • I’ll do it tomorrow
  • I’m tired
  • I have other things to do
  • Getting frustrated with lack of progress (and then quitting)
  • Maybe the universe does want this for me (and giving up)

The thing is you can’t consciously break out of your comfort zone…at least not for a prolong period of time, without changing your beliefs, neutralizing negative emotions and reorganizing the other programs that are holding you back.

So, after a while we simply give up.

Then what do we do…we “justify” why we are where we are.

We create a story.

That’s the explanation we give to others and ourselves about why we are where we are.  This story is best told through our archetypes, i.e. victim, spoiled child, orphan, etc.

Life Story

 By believing our life story we are in essence refusing the call to adventure, refusing to embark on our hero’s journey.

This is where your feel the fear of the unknown and try to turn away from the adventure, however briefly.

Often at this point we balk at the threshold of adventure, Refusing the Call or expressing reluctance. After all, we are facing the greatest of all fears, terror of the unknown.

We have not fully committed to our inner journey and may still be thinking of turning back. Some other influence…a change in circumstances, a further offense against the natural order of things, or the encouragement of a Mentor…is required to get past this turning point of fear.

Enter the Hero’s Journey an Adventure of Self-Discovery

Once we accept the call to the adventure we can begin to examine and our beliefs, neutralize our negative emotions and begin to tell a different life story.  We have begun the adventure, we are on our way to moving beyond our comfort zone and into our creative zone…we are becoming.

The creative zone is the quantum field were all the possibilities for our future reside.  The creative zone is where you’re able to express your authentic Self.

When we stay in our comfort zone we still have an effect on the quantum field, but in this case we only have access to the probabilities.

What’s the difference between possibilities and probabilities?

Possibilities are infinite and only limited by your beliefs.

Probabilities are the most likely outcome if nothing changes, i.e. beliefs, emotions, your story

With all this going on “behind the scenes” how do you create change?

No worries…that’s why I’m here.

I’m Gregg Swanson and I have personally experienced The Hero’s Journey.  It was when I first got downsized from my very well paying corporate sales position.    I didn’t know what I was experiencing, but I knew I was experiencing something.

So I wandered around from process to process hoping to find the perfect one.  Until I realized that there is no perfect process or technique to solve this dilemma.  What there is I discovered, is a story…a mythology that I can follow and use as a map.

Thus began my Hero’s Journey.

During this time I studied and been taught by some of the most brilliant people in the world on transformation, people like:

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza (from “What the Bleep”) for neuroscience and changing the brain.
  • Alberto Villoldo for shamanic practices and teachings.
  • Matt James for NLP and Timeline Empowerment, Hypnosis and Huna.
  • Ted Andrews in interpreting animal signs
  • Nine Gates Mystery School that revealed the secrets of the Universe.
  • Carol S. Pearson for archetype evaluation.
  • International Coach Academy for professional coaching knowledge and experience.
  • To name a few….

I also studied and received certifications in:

  • A Professional Personal Coach
  • A Lifestyle Fitness Coach
  • A Life Strategies Coach
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Time Line Empowerment
  • And several others

I’m mentioning this so that you’ll have a sense of my background and the work that I’ve done on myself….I know exactly how you feel and I’m here to help you.

So…what are the benefits of accepting the call to The Hero’s Journey…or intentionally breaking through your mental resistance into the creative zone…the unknown inner territory?

After all things are OK aren’t they?

You’re still alive, have food and shelter and probably have family and friends.  Sure life might not be great, but you’re surviving with your mental resistance levels.

So why would you want to change?

Maybe you want better health…lose some fat and weight and get in better shape and are tired of the yoo-yoo results.

Perhaps you want to have more income and you’re tired of working two or more jobs, working overtime or just working VERY long hours just keep current.  You know…running to stand still.

Or maybe you’re frustrated with dating someone for a while only to have the same thing happen over and over again. Or you’re exhausted over having the same argument with your significant other ending with the result.

Or…you’ve completely isolated yourself afraid to attempt anything again to change your life knowing it will only end in failure.

Or most importantly….you want to feel your life has purpose.

That you are making a difference in the world by expressing your authentic self.

Whatever your reason here’s the secret to a successful adventure…you CAN do it and I’m going to show you how.

In the “Awake Your Hero Within” series you’ll be guided through every stage of the adventure.

As a matter of fact, you’ve already begun.

Yup….you’ve already started on the grandest adventure of your life!

Awaken Your Hero Within, Your Personal Hero’s Journey,  is Comprised of 5 Stages:

The Hero’s Journey – Stage 1: Preparing for the Adventure.  In this stage you’ll learn about the Rites of Passage and how it ties into the Hero’s Journey.  You’ll also understand why you’re not having a midlife crises but a midlife quest of identity.  Then you learn about the art of transformation and how to apply to get ready for you journey.

The Hero’s Journey – Stage 2: The Journey Begins:  In this stage you’ll take a deep long look into your ego and discover what separates you from your authentic self.  You’ll begin to bridge the gap between who you are appearing to be and who you really are. You’ll understand how emotions play a significant part in the separation and how to let go of disempowering and unsupportive past emotions.

The Hero’s Journey – Stage 3: Crossing the Threshold: In this stage you’ll truly experience your soul, probably for the first time. By actively communicating with your soul you’ll discover your purpose, based on YOUR passion, not what the world tells you it is. You’ll go deep inside and meld the fractured pieces of your soul and you’ll take a long look at your shadows and resolve any issues that are causing their projections.

The Hero’s Journey – Stage 4: Enter the Mystery: In this stage you’ll unfold into your authentic self.  You’ll know what makes you…you.  You’ll identify your uniqueness that make you the perfect person to deliver your gift to the world. You’ll begin to blend your ego, soul and self into one unified being.

The Hero’s Journey – Stage 5: The Return:  In this final stage you’ll return “home” with your elixir of life and fully engaged. You will have embraced your unique treasures and personally designed a life full of power, purpose and passion that includes the seven levels of fulfillment.

Each stage builds upon itself so that by end of your adventure you will have awakened your hero within!

By the end of your hero’s journey and adventure you’ll:

  • Understand how the unconscious mind works.
  • How the ego, soul and self all work together.
  • What your dominate archetypes are so you can utilize their “power” for transformation.
  • Know how to communicate with and reprogram your unconscious mind to create lasting change.
  • Release and neutralize negative emotions that have kept you trapped in the past.
  • Change limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in your (un) comfort zone
  • Create a feeling of wholeness.
  • Rediscover meaning and purpose.
  • Unfolding into your authentic self.
  • Develop emotional consciousness.
  • Create the change you want at a cellular and neurological level.
  • Know where and what makes up your mental resistance line.
  • Discover who you really are.
  • Access your inner hero.
  • Define your life purpose.
  • Create a plan to live a life of power, purpose and passion.
  • Have become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

To live a hero’s journey will provide the most amazing rewards and to turn away from it can cause tremendous suffering. So the hope of this entire program is to help you sense and discover what your journey is, and how you might live it fully and deeply.

The hero’s journey is for you to explore how you can connect and align with the deepest part of your true self…your authentic self, so that everything that you feel and think and do in the world is aligned with human spirit.

A hero’s journey is about a type of awakening and a type of opening…an opening to what life is bringing you and calling from you.

This calling to the hero’s journey is not always easy, otherwise you wouldn’t need to be a hero to do it.

There’s a great benefit of the hero’s journey, which is a sense of a meaning, a sense of being alive. And with these benefits also comes the challenge…the cost…the price to pay.

Wherever there is light, there will always be shadows…and in fact you could say the brighter the light, the darker the shadows.  And living a full life is about holding and addressing both…the shadows and the light.

Thus, a hero’s journey is simultaneously about living your gifts and healing your wounds.  Your power and your fullness are in both of these energies.  And those two things will be there as major influences on your intimate relationships, your professional life, your health and your development and evolution as a person…this simultaneous process of healing and sharing your gifts will always be there.

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